Founded in 1982, Surrey Sunday Good Times is a baseball league based in Surrey, BC created with the principle of having fun in a friendly and competitive environment. Teams play 24 league games with a minimum of 5 play-off games, with many prizes and awards handed out each year! We are always looking to expand the league, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more. Additionally, for assistance in registering your team, you can visit our SPN Registration FAQ page.

Games are played only on Sundays and every Sunday is a double header! Bring your own BBQ!


Surrey Good Times League playoffs / 2018

All playoff games are at Hjorth Park (July 14th and 15th)

Warriors receive a bye (W= +7) for their first game for finishing first in the regular season.

If your team appears on the left side of the match up you are home team for that game.

You will know your division and game time for Sunday by the end of the day. Sunday will be a double knock out format, Except for both finals in “A” and “B” your position in the standings from Saturday will determine who home team is for Sunday. For the finals home team will be will determined by your record on Sunday. Sunday the first games start at 8:30AM…Good luck to all!!

In order to have fair and fun playoffs we have had a long standing rule that all players in order to qualify for the playoffs  must have a minimum of 7 games played in the regular season, if they do not have the seven games required they cannot participate in the tournament. If a player is contested by the opposing team it is not the responsibility of the team contesting the player to prove but the responsibility of the team alleged to have a player without seven games on the roster to prove the allegation false by producing the score book for confirmation which will be crossed referenced with other teams scorebooks .

Although this can take some time to do it, it will be done in order to save the integrity of our tournament. If proven to be true the player will be ejected from the game and any runs produced by that player will be removed off the score sheet. If the game is over before a cross reference can be completed and the allegation is proven to be true the team with the ineligible player will forfeit the game resulting in a loss.

That being said teams that want to contest a player on the opposing team’s line up must be sure that the player in question does not have seven games because if the allegation is proven false you will forfeit your game and the right to contest any other players for the rest of the weekend. You as a captain will have the right first to talk to the score keeper to confirm a players eligibility. If the team in question cannot or is unwilling produce a score book showing the player in question has seven games then you can contest the player through me and I will compare scorebooks through the league. This will be done within 2 hours of the notification. All teams need to have their scorebooks available this weekend if requested.

I want everyone to have fun this weekend and play with integrity and sportsmanship. I do not want to have to make this part of my job this weekend so please be sure that you scorebook is in order and your players have seven games. If I have to check I will and I don’t want to be making unpopular decisions this weekend but if I have to I will.

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